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Park City’s downtown boasts fresh powder that invites skiers and snowboarders through winter, while innovation in craft spirits weaves a deeper story of this mountainside haven. Two craft distilleries have become part of the vibe of this world-renowned destination. High West paved the way for Utah spirits to be recognized globally, and now with relative newcomer Alpine Distilling (at SLUG Mag’s Brewstillery, Nov. 17, at Union Event Center), both are providing nostalgic experiences that draw in locals and visitors alike.

Alpine Distilling
350 Main St.
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Photo: LmSorenson.net
Photo: LmSorenson.net

With a spirits shop in the window front of 350 Main, Alpine Distilling has partnered with the restaurant to provide guests with a one-of-a-kind gin experience. At this location, a four-course menu paired with creating your very own botanical-infused gin is something unique to the distillery, whose stills are located in Silver Creek. The intimate dinner allows space for eight guests, and is currently by reservation only on Friday evenings, with more days of the week coming during the winter season in Park City.

Rob Sergent, Alpine’s Managing Director (distiller and founder), hails from family of Kentucky moonshiners and distillers. As a fifth-generation distiller, his idea to create a quality sipping gin pays homage to his father. When Sergent attended school in London as a young man, he felt as though success looked like his father in a suit sipping gin after work daily. Creating a quality gin that compares with European spirits was his goal. I would say that he hit the mark with Summit Gin—the spirit can stand alone on the rocks or mix nicely. The nose on the gin is clean, while the taste is a beautiful composition of juniper and orange, making it the perfect substitute for orange juice in a mimosa.  Yes, that is right—Summit Gin plus sparkling wine is delicious.

I love that each of Alpine’s spirits tell a story. Spur Blended American Whiskey was originally created as an exclusive for The Spur on Main Street, and then everyone agreed that it needed to be shared with the world. Lafayette Spiced Bourbon Whiskey was created for Sergent’s wife. Infused with apricot, primrose, and cinnamon, this is a gentle-to-drink whiskey that is easy on the tongue with a hint of spice going down. Sergent’s wife didn’t enjoy whiskey, so he created one for her in order for them  to sip the spirit together. Similarly, his grandfather added apricots to their moonshine in an effort to please his grandmother’s taste buds for the strong spirit.

In creating your own, unique gin, with staff onsite to help you choose botanicals, you are able to make a bottle that satisfies you and your palate. Whether you save it or drink it now, you will never forget the memory created with a friend or loved one. Alpine believes in spirits creating a conversation and a bond in the moments of sharing a drink.