Review: The Charnel House Trilogy

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The Charnel House Trilogy

Owl Cave Games/Mastertronic
Reviewed on: PC
Street: 04.16

The Charnel House Trilogy combines classic point-and-click to guide you through three 8-bit horror stories. Inhale, Sepulchre and Exhale are all independent, yet they depend on each other to succeed. Luckily, the beautiful execution of the three, when played in order, guides you through a charming set of horror stories about suicide, remorse and flat-out violent murder. While not much is shown, the game is chilling, reminiscent of playing through a horror compilation book you would find stashed away in the young adults section. The puzzles aren’t challenging, but they do just enough to keep you plugging along. This is a relatively short play-through, but the voice-acting, imagery and story make it worth your time. The cliffhanger at the end will leave you ready for a sequel as well. –Thomas Winkley