Review: Rodea the Sky Soldier


Rodea the Sky Soldier

Kadokawa Games / NIS America
Reviewed on: Wii U
Also on: 3DS, Wii
Street: 11.10

I should’ve known that Rodea the Sky Soldier wasn’t going to be great when it got delayed a few months—that’s rarely a good sign. It’s a typical JRPG plot—emperor wants to invade other kingdom. Robot soldier Rodea wants to stop him. Action and adventure ensue. Rodea’s main way of getting around is flying, and he has some Sonic-like moves to attack and dash around while airborne, but the controls—camera controls in particular—gave me a bit of a headache. Until I got the hang of the flying system, it frustrated the fuck out of me—it combines with the painful camera controls to create the perfect migraine. I know that terrible dubbing is always a risk with JRPGs, but this was surprisingly awful. The voice acting itself isn’t terrible, but the syncing of the lines with the game was laughable—I literally laughed out loud at how horrible it was. The graphics aren’t anything special—they’re not horrible, but they aren’t gorgeous. Rodea still has some charm—the main characters have some good banter, and its got a decent story, but I would wait for a deep discount on the price before purchasing this. –Ashley Lippert