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Review: Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown

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Shadowrun Chronicles: Boston Lockdown
Cliffhanger Productions/ Nordic Games

Reviewed on: PC (Exclusive)
Street: 04.28

This online multiplayer tactics RPG is definitely unique in its space. Challenging combat scenarios make up for the fact that this is not the most visually stunning game. Figuring out which class to use against various enemies and completing objectives is challenging, almost to the point of frustration at times, but it lends to a great time suck. The open character creation is also fun to play with. For example, my female orc with mutton chops and an underbite was quickly ready to unleash hell upon the Dragonslayers gang. If you’re looking to strategize with friends, forge some new online relationships, and bang your head against a wall while solving challenging levels, this is the game for you. –Thomas Winkley