Review: DB Longboards – Pioneer Bamboo Fiberglass 40 & Urban Native 38

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DB Longboard

DB Longboards

Pioneer Bamboo Fiberglass 40

As an older man with my skate park days well behind me, longboarding seemed like a great way to skate without being tempted to hurt myself on a half pipe. To this end, the Pioneer 40 was the perfect choice. DB Longboards pulled out all the stops to make this a comfortable and responsive ride. At just over three feet in length, the standing area feels roomy without feeling like a surfboard. The bamboo-fiberglass construction allows for a good amount of flexibility, and its concave and springy shape provides the perfect amount of both flex and grip. The Atlas Trucks are mounted in a drop-through fashion, which allows for the addition of big, forgiving wheels while keeping the rider stable and close to the ground. The Cloud Ride wheels, bearings and spacers grip the road and absorb most of the shock. I feel safe and at home on this longboard. I’ve taken it through the neighborhood, shot up and down inclines and carved corners with almost no effort. If you’ve been looking for a relaxing way to start skating again, let the fine folks at DB Longboards pair you up with a solid ride. –James Bennett

DB Longboards

Urban Native 38

If you’re looking for a new way to get around this summer, or maybe even want a greener approach to transportation, equip yourself with a smoother ride than a skateboard. A new longboard is the perfect tool to make your way across campus or to bar hop downtown. No need to pay for a taxi or get a DUI—rest your feet and worries on the flexible camber of the Urban Native 38 by DB Longboards. This board is perfect for the technical downhill riders or freestyle moves— it’s a set up that can appeal to everyone. DB Longboards have a vast selection of versatile cruisers to choose from, and customize on the website. The Urban Nature 38 provides great flex while riding, and the drop through mounted trucks lower the board for easier pushing and sliding. The wheels are 69 mm Cloud Ride Cruisers, which are able to slide with minimal speed. You may as well be riding on a cloud with this board. –Michael Sanchez