Review: Burning Salts: Issue 4



Burning Salts: Issue 4

Bryer Wharton
Street: 08.15

Mr. Wharton is at it once again (with some contributing reviewers, including Daniel Alexander of Deathblow and Deicidal Carnage), talking about metal, interviewing musicians and reviewing horror films (there’s more movie reviews in this one than in the previous installment of BS, something Mr. Wharton points out in the foreword). There’s also an interesting interview with horror-themed artist Patrick Kendall. As always, Wharton manages to get insight from individuals and bands who are top dogs in the metal game (Sigh, Unleashed) as well as some obscure albeit cool bands—it’s always nice when somebody gives Cemetery Fog the attention they deserve. Issue 4 is about what you’d expect if you’re familiar with the publication, and worth the five bucks if you want to read Q&As with awesome bands, Mr. Wharton shit on movies, and interesting opinions on new music. It’s a quality zine that hasn’t lost its edge or humor. Make sure to check out BS’s YouTube channel and blog, too. –Alex Coulombe