Lavender Lathers: Craft Lake City Kid Row Artisan

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The ingredients in Elizabeth Ssejinja's Lavender Lathers soap come from a variety of glycerin bases like goat milk, lavender, shea butter, honey and plain glycerin.
Photo: John Barkiple

Lavender Lathers was established by 14-year-old Utah native Elizabeth Ssejinja. After Ssejinja was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, her family began to create homemade gifts for each other. “I decided to make soap. [I then] decided to make soap to raise money to give back to the charities that did so much to support me,” she says. Ssejinja learned to make soap from pure experimentation. “I experimented [with] melting shavings from other bars of soap, but it didn’t work,” she says. “So, I bought glycerin soap, molds, colorants and started learning from there.”

The ingredients in her soap come from a variety of glycerin bases like goat milk, lavender, shea butter, honey and plain glycerin. Additionally, Ssejinja also adds essential oils and safe colorants. Her supply of assortments is quite endearing, too. “I have nearly a hundred different scents and over 40 molds,” she says. Scented or unscented tie-dye mixes and soaps with small toys or necklaces inside are all available for purchase. What makes this business truly altruistic is the fact that Ssejinja gives back to her community by supporting charities such as Make-A-Wish and Ronald McDonald House. She says, “I feel it’s necessary to give back as often as I can … To show my appreciation for the support I received when I was sick with cancer.” A true giver, Ssejinja’s plans are to continue to find more charities and participate in markets and fundraisers. For more info, check out her Instagram page, @lavenderlathers. –Kassidy Waddell