There are many stigmas attached to being a skateboarder. Skateboarders have a notorious reputation for being rebellious, disrespectful, anti-authority, “stoners,” vandals, lazy, punks and even criminals.

More than half of my life I have considered myself a skater and have claimed that title proudly. Skateboarding has been a positive force in my life, and it is the reason I picked up a camera in the first place. Skateboarding instills creativity, self-expression, and individuality. It cultivates and embraces originality.

With the intent of shedding a new light on the public’s perception of skaters, I have photographed individuals that don’t fit the perceived mold. These people are upstanding members of the community and contribute to society in a positive way. From artists to CEOs, educators to photographers, we all have an undying passion for skateboarding and the joy it brings to our lives.