Nicknames are a funny thing, and they rarely make any sense. I know several guys named Mike who are, for no reason in particular, known as “Big Mike.” Size-wise, these guys are all over the board: big, little, wide, skinny—yet there’s something appealing about attaching the word “big” before the name “Mike.” Then there are people like Derek Dennison, whose first and last names both begin with the letter “D.” Why does it seem so natural to refer to these individuals as “Double D?” I don’t refer to Alex Andrews as “Double A” or Brian Billick as “Double B” or Courtney Cox as “Double C,” and so on and so forth. The “Double D” exclusivity in this category of nicknames led me to investigate—which can only mean I did a Google. Lots of hits came up, but as a photographer, I’m naturally more of a visual person—reading is for writers. I switched over to a search by image and, well … “Double D,” that’s a good Google right there.

Derek Dennison–Nosepress–Salt Lake City, UT