The Ordinary Skier (Ski)

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The Ordinary Skier
Oakley and 1242 Production
X-Dance Screening: Friday, Jan. 13 @ 8:45pm

The world of extreme skiing has its share of notable athletes, but few have the cult following of Seth Morrison. In director Constantine Papanicolaou’s (CP) latest flick, the rise of one of the planet’s most prolific skiers is documented in a real and dramatic fashion. Growing up in the ’burbs of Chi-city, Morrison learned to ski on man-made hills with primitive gear. Abandoned by his father at age six, Morrison moved to Colorado with his mother and sister to start a new life. As a ski racer, Morrison never fit the mold of the typical high-level competitor. Although he had a strong inner drive, he was more interested in free skiing around the mountain than practicing. By the time he graduated high school, his motives to become a professional skier were clear. His punk rock purple hair and lack of regard for personal safety set him apart from other skiers of the era, but his style was met with limited enthusiasm. It took many years and a lot of slammed doors before he finally received a paycheck for doing something he loved. Partnering with Oakley Optics in his early twenties allowed him to pursue his goals and expand the free ski discipline. His prowess in epic terrain has led him around the world and kept him in the company of skiing legends. From Alaska to Chile, he has set the bar for big mountain riding. Travelling to film in the Chamonix Valley, he is joined by the talents of Kye Petersen, JP Auclair, and the infamous Glen Plake. Along with their tenacious guide, Pete, the curious quintet explores the untamed wilderness of the Alps. With intermittent bouts of overwhelming terror, the crew shows the audience how the sport has evolved. –Sean Zimmerman-Wall