4FRNT: Dang! Premiere @ Tower Theatre 09.19

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Rising from the ashes of a low snow year, DANG! soars like a Phoenix. The second installment from 4FRNT Media, this film showcases the talents of a multitude of riders from around the globe. Salt Lake City based 4FRNT Skis kept the hype rolling with a laid back pre-party that felt more like a family reunion than a movie premiere. Keg beer, Cornhole and mini-samis quelled the anxious crowd of shredders, and pros like Wiley Miller, Cody Barnhill, Pep Fujas and Julian Carr mingled about the mere mortals.

By nightfall, the masses had reconvened at Tower Theatre, pockets full of Pabst, and clad in a variety of pretty DANG! cool apparel. Prior to the screening, 4FRNT founder Matt Sterbenz invited his team of athletes and employees on stage to thank them for all the hard work producing this film. The opening scene brought the audience to a small resort in the Austrian Alps where pillow lines proliferated the landscape. Thousand-foot vertical swaths of powdery goodness excited the senses as hoots and hollers erupted from the tiny theatre. “I skied till my legs gave out about three-quarters of the way down. It was one of my best runs of the season,” recounts Eric “Hoji” Hjorleifson.

Moments later, the scene shifted to steep, technical lines ripped to pieces by the likes of Barnhill and Miller. Jubilant rejoices at the bottom of each run made the viewer realize these guys still remember how to have fun. Transitioning from the high alpine to the summer slush, the crew moved on to Whistler’s Camp of Champions. The glaciers of the Coast Range provided the perfect backdrop for off-season training as Finn Anderson and Will Berman found the funk and got booter crunk. The skills of these young athletes illustrates where the future of the sport is heading. The crown jewel of the film lies in X-Games and Dew Tour gold-medalist David Wise’s pipe runs. Filmed extensively by a remote-controlled mini Heli, the runs laid down by Wise inspire a generation. His effortless rotations on switch-dub 7’s and 1080’s made him look more at home in the air than on firm ground. The unique perspective the Heli offers gives the viewer an intimate look at his technique, as he seems to levitate above the transitions. A truly well edited film by Austin Ramaley and Phil Herbert, DANG! is definitely worth a second viewing. Get the DVD and Dang! apparel at 4frnt.com.

DANG! the Movie - Official Trailer from 4FRNT Skis on Vimeo.

4FRNT: Dang! premiere at the Tower Theatre. Photo: Sean Zimmerman-Wall 4FRNT: Dang! premiere at the Tower Theatre. Photo: Sean Zimmerman-Wall 4FRNT: Dang! premiere at the Tower Theatre. Photo: Sean Zimmerman-Wall