Powderwhore: Choose Your Adventure @ Brewvies 09.26

Posted September 28, 2012 in ,

It is safe to say that ski movie premiere season is in full swing. Week by week, the crowds gather to watch their heroes huck themselves and slay big lines in an attempt to satisfy their own cravings for Pow. This week, the masses collected at Brewvies Cinema-Pub for the latest offering from locally based production company, PowderWhore. The venue has played host to many films and is the perfect location for such a movie because it brings together two of my favorite things, adventure and beer! As the hoard of people file into the tiny theatre, finding seating proves difficult. Multiple curt interactions erupt from patrons attempting to save half a row of seats for their bro-chachos, and the threat of a face full of hot nacho cheese becomes very real. Soon, the lights dim and the show starts. The opening segment highlights the dangerous avalanche conditions from last season and promotes safe travel in the backcountry. The Utah Avalanche Center’s Craig Gordon and Trent Meisenheimer inform the audience of the factors that lead to such treacherous conditions. This is a welcome change from the typical ski porn that only focuses on getting radical and skiing the blower.

Choose Your Adventure is a play off of the young-readers books that focused on multiple endings to a story. Several plot lines intertwine in this film from various locations around the globe. From Utah to Norway, on down to Chile and Antarctica, no line is left unskied. The telemark skiing segments also set this movie apart from many others. Jake Sakson shows his prowess in big mountain competitions and proves that when you “Free the heel, you free the mind.” Seeing him move effortlessly down a slope is aesthetic and graceful.

Trekking to the furthest ends of the earth, a small contingent of diehards brave the swells of the Southern Ocean on their way to Antarctica. A seldom thought-of ski destination, the frozen continent accepts only the heartiest of souls. However, those who make the crossing are treated to otherworldly skiing. Steep and technical lines fall from the jagged peaks into the sea. “Its like you are going to ski directly into the water,” comments one rider. Even the penguins enjoy the colorful costumes of the group as they slip and slide down the precipitous slopes.

Other highlights of the movie include snow-cave dwellers, a man who has skied for 178 consecutive months, The Wizard of the Wasatch, horseback riding in ski boots, polar bears, and some extremely creative subtitles.

The agile nature of the filmmakers and their athletes allows them to quickly change locations based on snow conditions. It also illustrates that there is such thing as endless winter. Choose your hemisphere, Choose Your Adventure. Pre-order the DVD at powderwhore.com.

Powderwhore's "Choose Your Adventure" Trailer. from Powderwhore on Vimeo.