The courses for the Supper Club Series change weekly. This week featured raw vegetables, a smoked-chicken forestiere, mashed potatoes and white-wine-and-mushroom sauce served next to an elk meatloaf. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Yang Yongliang, “The Path” from the series salt 14: Yang Yongliang 2016.
Salt Lake City Public Library holds a cornucopia of local music from over the years. Photo: John Barkiple
Randy Vannurden – Big Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. Photo: Jack Dawe
Unlocking the treasure, the pour is effortless. It surges into a willi glass with a gurgle of micro–air bubbles. Gathering to a head of pure-white foam, a shallow barrier is formed between the lips and the reward. Photo: Chris Hollands
Mike Brown thinks that Utah’s new .05 law blows … for the tourism industry. Illustration:
In a certain sense, Bill Frost is the longest-standing SLUG Magazine contributor of us all. Bill Frost