mother! | Darren Aronofsky | Paramount Pictures
Menashe | Joshua Weinstein | A24
Kay Bye. Photo: ThatGuyGil
Gerda Saunders. Photo: @clancycoop
Photo: John Barkiple (L–R) Lynette, Ira and Joy participate in Wasatch Community Gardens’ GREEN TEAM, which guides homeless women through education on how to garden amid other life skills.
Award-winning chef and Forage co-founder Viet Pham has set his sights on Nashville hot chicken with Pretty Bird. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Armed with his live rig, SIAK—aka Chris Nielsen of Squarewave Sound—crafts driving, danceable music. Photo:
Photo: Owner and head butcher Philip Grubisa proudly uses the whole animals they butcher, from nose to tail, at Beltex Meats.
Mikey Martinez, early grab. Photo: @ca_visual
Photo: Talyn Sherer