Unless you look closely you wouldn’t know that there is a pretty intense scene focused around Super Smash Bros: Melee. These Smashers focus around 1 on 1 combat, perfecting their characters and tactics to bring their opponent to shame. I say shame because the intensity with which they play leaves the opponent disappointed and sad, with the victor exploding from their chair. The FanX Super Smash Bros: Melee grand final was sponsored by Gamer’s Abbey and Utah 3DS StreetPass.

I entered the room as the winners bracket match to enter the finals had begun. For those unfamiliar with double-elimination tournaments, there are two separate brackets and it is entirely possible to win the tournament if you lose one set of best of five. This is important to know, since the grand final ended with the losers bracket entrant almost running back his deficit to win. The top four players were as follows: Perfect Chaos playing as Sheik and White Marth took first by the skin of his teeth barely edging out X who played Falco. Ladas took third with Samus and Death Arcana took fourth place with Fox. The crowd was focused intently on the matches and the gentlemen announcing were doing their best to hold in their excitement. The final match started as a one sided beat down from Perfect Chaos then quickly swung to the favor of X as he battled back from losers, only to be edged out by a quick downward spike from Samus. This game might be my least favorite fighter to play, but after tonight, has quickly become one of my favorite to watch. Congratulations to Perfect Chaos on his win. I guess it’s time to pull out the game cube and practice again.