Local Reviews: Christopher Alvarado

Christopher Alvarado
Dungeon Recordings
Street: 03.22
Christopher Alvarado = The Gyume Monks + Steve Roach
Local ambient-industrial sound artist Christopher Alvarado (Twilight Transmissions, Little Sap Dungeon, Harsh Reality) is at it again with 10 tracks of atmospheric trance soundscapes. He’s traveled far from his initial punk roots, and has been anything but lazy, releasing both this album and one with Twilight Transmissions exactly three months apart. This, released under his own moniker (for reasons I can’t fathom) is somewhat less evil, with touches of classical guitar and chanting, but the end result is much the same: solid ambience that may replace your Ambien—not to suggest it’s boring, but rather that it is meditative and soothing.