Local Reviews: Replica Mine

Replica Mine
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Street: 10.12.10
Replica Mine  = Nine Inch Nails + The Normal x (Front Line Assembly – Bill Leeb)
It’s always a pleasant surprise to hear good, interesting dark music made locally. While we have plenty of good bands, industrial is rare at best. Sandy-based Adam Harmon, former guitarist and keyboard player for Carphax Files, is the force behind this meandering industrial experiment, a follow-up to $ra, their 2008 5-song EP. Tracks here veer from dark dance numbers like “Of Graves” (think mid-‘90s Depeche Mode) to the noisy, droning “All in Vain” and “Beneath the Control” (shades of Skinny Puppy) then rips it up for the ‘80s-drenched “Plagues and Tangles” and “In Your Eyes” featuring Jasin Monday (Carphax Files). It is a strong effort from a band to watch—and listen to—for some time to come.