Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy @ The Depot 01.29.11

Posted February 4, 2011 in

I can sum up Slash’s entire performance in two words: pure entertainment. I’ve never really considered myself a Slash fan, or a Guns N’ Roses fan for that matter, however, when some friends said they were going to go see Slash and his makeshift band of fellow musicians, I couldn’t resist.  Something about seeing a legend like Slash in concert is really exciting.  Luckily, I live just up the street from The Depot, so having a few cold ones and cruising down the block is no problem.

The majority of the set came from Slash’s 2010 self-titled release and luckily got to my favorite song from the new album, “Back From Cali.” “Back From Cali” has a melodic entrance that is mellow, but quickly picks up the pace and Slash gets medieval on the chords.  Myles Kennedy, who has an unbelievable vocal range, continues spitting well-crafted lyrics, and in certain songs like “Civil War” and “Sweet Child o’ Mine,” he sounds remarkably like Axl Rose.   The energy was electric and the crowd fed back every ounce of effort that the band put out.  Standing below the mezzanine, I had a pretty good profile view of the rockers, and after a hassling by some busted-ass roadie, I snaked my way up a small flight of stairs to catch a better line of sight. One or two of the pieces were a little too slow for me, but as soon as “Beautiful Dangerous” came on, the crowd went ape-shit and the top hats were flying into the air.  I couldn’t help but notice the hoards of beautiful girls swarming around the stage; with their douche-bag boyfriends close in tow.  I can only imagine how many of them might be topless if this wasn’t Utah.  As the band cooled off and thanked the audience, the lights dimmed, and they walked off stage.  The crowd was still fired up and after some chanting and hollering, Slash rolled back out wearing an I Heart Mormon Pussy tank top and proceeded to slay a rousing rendition of “Paradise City.  The brief encore appeased the rowdy bunch, and I am glad I was there to witness it. If you ever get the chance to see Slash in person, cancel your appointments, quit your job, leave your car at the intersection and just go.  You can find more info on Slash’s upcoming events and new album at