All five members of CLUB MUNGO stand together in a parking garage.

CLUB MUNGO: DIY Festival Performer


All five members of CLUB MUNGO stand together inside a record shop.
Photo: John Barkiple

The 15th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival Presented By Harmons is returning to the Utah State Fairpark to celebrate a momentous 15 years as Utah’s largest local-centric arts, music, science and technology festival with a selection of over 350 local artisans and makers. In the following pages, read about a few of the exciting vendors and exhibitors you can expect to see throughout the three-day weekend, including performances from renowned national acts! Check out for more info.

CLUB MUNGO is not your typical boy band. The five-piece alternative rap collective—Bradley Cinema, Grandpa Sweats, $lugg and twins Devin Summer and NEDS—released their debut album, LODESTAR, in November 2022, but the group had been making music long before then. Since 2019, they have spent “days, months and years listening to the same note over and over, debating and experimenting with every aspect of the music until it felt right,” says Cinema.

CLUB MUNGO draws a lot of influence from 2010s alternative artists. “The five of us grew up with a large gap in our music taste—Grandpa Sweats with electronic music, the twins and Bradley with hip-hop and R&B and me with mostly punk and metal,” says $lugg.

They embrace the idea of “do-it-yourself” in all aspects of music production, from graphic design and sound engineering to cinematography and editing for music videos. CLUB MUNGO isn’t concerned about defining their sound or limiting their music to a certain genre. “If you were to ask us what kind of music we make, we would probably look at each other with a level of uncertainty and say, ‘IDK, pop I guess?’” $lugg says.

The group plans to drop a new single and music video every two weeks for the whole summer. If LODESTAR oozed confidence, then recent releases “WACK TODAY” and “BITCH SLAP” explode with well-earned chutzpah. Be the first to hear about new music by following them on Instagram @clubmungo and catch them live at the DIY Festival on Saturday, August 12. 

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