Freemind Movement @ Urban Lounge for SLUG Mag's 34th Anniversary Party

SLUG Mag’s 34th Anniversary: A Performance for Each Year

Anniversary Party

SLUG Mag’s sold-out 34th Anniversary Party brought 34 local musicians and bands together for a jam-packed night of entertainment. Each of the artists brought their unique flair to the celebration for an unforgettable night in Salt Lake’s music scene.

The event took place in two neighboring venues: Salt Lake City–staple Urban Lounge and its companion bar, Blue Gene’s. Attendees were able to jump from one venue to the other all night. Each musician and band performed one song only, so there was no holding back onstage when it was their turn. This translated into one electric performance after another with virtually no dip in energy for the entire, one-of-a-kind night. 

Salt Lake’s music scene is eclectic and teeming with talent from all genres. The performers showcased this broad range, with songs that ranged between hip-hop,, punk, electronica, indie and more. People sang about love, politics, trauma, heartbreak and straight-up having a good time. Patrons from across SLC’s music scenes found something to connect over  in the crowded Blue Gene’s hall and Urban Lounge’s outdoor smoking area. 

Overall, attendees and performers alike enjoyed the music, the custom drink menu and the excited company. Freemind Movement closed off the night with their performance, ending with a thank you to SLUG Magazine: “As a local artist, having SLUG as a publication means the absolute world to us. Happy birthday SLUG!” The party encapsulated what SLUG Magazine has represented and amplified for its 34 years in existence—showing off the thriving underground music scene that both Salt Lake City and Utah as a whole have to offer.

SLUG Magazine would like to thank our sponsors for this event:

Urban Lounge
Photos: Ashley Christenson // @ashleychristensonphotography

Blue Gene’s 
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