Doro - A New Beginning

Concert Review: A New Beginning


Doro, former lead singer for Warlock, made her debut at Rafters, on October 8th. It was a good show and worth the price of the ticket. Harlot opened the show with a rousing performance. We both agreed the addition of the keyboardist makes for a change in the presentation. We have seen this band before, with a double-axe approach—this did present a harder, faster-edged performance; however, the keyboard addition leans the band toward a more danceable form of metal. The crowd on hand seemed to enjoy this new mix, and the band appeared to be having a good time on stage. For a so-called house band, Harlot isn’t bad, and they definitely put on a good visual show. They work together well and carry a confident stage presence. If there is a weak spot or two with the band, they might try some original sounding tunes, and the singer could lay off the Robert Plant videos. Overall: One and one half headbangs.

Doro headlined this night and showed that she is more than just another rocker-broad spinoff from a successful metal band. Unlike Lita Ford, she uses her voice, rather than her looks, as her claim to fame in the metal kingdom. We were impressed. With her body, or her music? You may ask. Answer: Yes. Although she possesses a fabulous body, she displays a fantastic range of both scale and dynamics. She played the crows right into her hand throughout the entire night, sharing the microphone with any fan who happened to be leaning close enough to the stage.

Although our first impression, from the photo and bio, was one of apathy, our opinions changed from the minute Doro took the stage. From “I Rule the Ruins,” to the mean, angry “All We Are,” Doro and her band shook Rafters from the foundations. They came back for a two-song encore, and the crowd still didn’t want her to go. For the most part, we both agree that she controlled the stage as a singer much more than any other band we have seen. We would definitely encourage adding this to your studio library, and catch Doro on her next visit to town. Three headbangs and two pitchers of draft.

One last word of advice: Support the local music scene. You are the heart and soul of the alternative microcosm that exists in these stagnating backwaters they call the Wasatch. But have faith, oh ye children of the night, for our voices shall be heard, and we shall be delivered from this fetid and festering sewer. 


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