Concert Review: Color Theory & 100 Crowns


Colour Theory may very well be the spookiest band in the Salt Lake Scene. This three piece Gothic/Industrial “child of punk” is dark and enchanting, based entirely on the color black. They are a nightmare of lace and fog and dazzling lights set up to a soundtrack of ominous music. 

Combining elements of The Cure and Sisters of Mercy, Colour Theory spins textures of bass and guitars with ear-splitting drums and deep, hellish vocals. The result is an eerie, bone-crushing yet hypnotizing mesh of noise and melody. 

If you haven’t seen Colour Theory yet, you should put them on your “to-do” list.

As for 100 Crowns … (Alphaville who?) this band is so middle of the road that they should have a center divider for their logo. Need I say more?

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