Concert Review: Jane’s Addiction & Primus


The last time I saw Jane’s Addiction, I believe it was a KJQ anniversary party. This time, I made it through five songs. Don’t get me wrong, they were actually very good this time. Last time I left because the sound was mixed very poorly, and Perry Farrell (singer) was doing his fucked up, Jim Morrison impression with a large dose of arrogance.

This time around, I left for a different reason. I just couldn’t handle any more of the KJQ modern music mosh-a-thon. I tried to stand someplace where I could avoid the mosh scene, but everywhere I went, slam sessions kept breaking out with sixteen-year-old girls who were dressed for the Aztec Camera show. It must be a Salt Lake tradition to mosh to whomever comes into town.

First things first, Primus did some serious butt-kicking. I came across their CD on accident a few months ago and dug it right away. But, when I saw them warm up for the Jane boys … hypnotism. It’s my guess they will be headlining next time. Definitely the best three-piece band I’ve seen in a long time. When they were done, I was ready to go home. I knew that couldn’t be topped.

I was really expecting the worst when Jane’s addiction came out … Golly—I was wrong. This time they managed to keep the effects in the audible range, and the fog machines were under control enough to actually see the band. I had a hard time getting into them at first, but once Primus wore off, digging them was in order.

Dave Navarro (guitar) never ceases to amaze me. Not just his technique, but also his style. Perry must have had a few singing lessons since his last trip here. If you recall, he couldn’t quite hit the high notes last time. I see him as a real vocalist now, not a studio vocalist. If my tolerance level would have been a little higher, I probably would have stayed for the whole show. Maybe next time. And maybe next time the 16-year-olds will be all moshed out from the Depeche Mode concert. Maybe. 

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