Concert Review: Melvins, Slaughterchrist, Lawton


So at last the Melvins are to grace us with their mighty presence again? Jesus, how long has the wall been? Five, six-years? So, do you think I’m gonna miss this—FUCK NO!

Thinking that this show was going to sell out (but it didn’t because no smart people live in Utah), and because I really wanted to see Lawton, I arrive at The Pompadour early. And to my great surprise, no big messy line with which to deal. So, in I go. Well inside I give my usual hellos to JR, Nat and company, and then into the arena (?) to catch Lawton who are just now taking stage. 

Lawton rocked!

Four local boys playing twangy, grungy, chordy sub-poppy tunage. Yeah! Grow your hair longer and you’ll be da next Mudhoney!

Next up, Slaughterchrist—these boys been at it awhile now and it’s really starting to show. Their performance has become very sure-footed. no dinking around with these guys. They just come out and attack nonstop. And that’s what they did!~ Nothing more, nothing less. Just an assault of grinding, crunching, blurring metal. Amen!

Well, now. On come the Melvins. Oh yesss! From the first note it was apparent that these boys were gonna kick ass. Never have I seen a three-piece band make such a wall o’ noise. Everything was overdriven to maximum. I thought my ears were gonna bleed. I was in heaven.

The Melvins were slow and sticky and heavy like musical molasses. They droned and droned and droned with heavy power chord riffs, tight breaks and buzzer-screaming vocals. Sludgerock never sounded so good. The Melvins pioneered this sound and they reign supreme in the field.

Oh weep, ye who were simple enough to miss it. For you I have no sympathy. If you ever get a second chance, don’t fuckin’ blow it!

Until next time, catch all the shows you can.


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