Concert Review: Nofx, Treepeople, Organized Confusion and Miskreant


NOfx plays at The Pompadour.Miskreant started things off for this gig. These guys from Ogden did a pretty good job, blending some old-school hardcore with strong and entertaining vocals. The crowd didn’t seem to disappointed either, at least people were moving around most of the time. A good show for these guys.

Moving on, we heard Organized Confusion. This was thrash at it’s best, really noisy guitars and cool snarling vocals. What I really dig about these guys was their multiple lead vocals. No single vocalist dominated their set, everybody (except the drummer) took turns at the microphone. I found this to be a great twist. Though the band could have been a bit together, they really played a good set.

Treepeople, from Seattle, graced the stage next. Very melodic and heavy with dry vocals. Everything meshed very well; they were together, tight, and had smooth chord progressions. Not really my thing, but, everyone seemed to be having a good time (and that is all you really wanted to know, right?).

An finally, Nofx was on. These guys were great. Heavy, energetic hardcore that’ll draw anyone in. They were impressive. Solid drumming and steady vocals.

We were certainly lucky to get to see these guys this time around. The drummer, Pepe, stood out as the best part of the band’s set. Nofx have us a nice blend of old stuff and new stuff, the band really kept things moving. They played a long set which gave everyone the feeling they got their money’s worth by the end of the night.

I might mention that this was one of the first sold-out shows at The Pompadour in quite some time (much to my amazement) and the energy level was high all night. This is what I like to see at a live show. Everybody had a great time and that is what is most important.

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