Celebrity Skin | Photo by Steve Midgley

Concert Review: Celebrity Skin with Chuck Mosley


By far one of the most entertaining bands who have and will ever come through Salt Lake City has to be Celebrity Skin. When they came through a few months ago, I almost followed them to their next show. If it hadn’t been in Arizona, I just might have.

They are billed as “The best band,” and that is one thing I would have to agree with. I have always been one to appreciate a band that knows how to dress, but these guys get the prize. Aside from their sleek fashion sense, these guys are a great band with a very good outlook on music.

They are talented musicians, and it shows, both in their live performances and on vinyl. Their guitar arrangements are superb, and the arrangements in their songs are great.  Besides their great original music, they spice up their sets with some great covers including “SOS” by ABBA and “This Town” by the Sparks. “SOS” is featured on their debut single. If you don’t happen upon it, you should pick it up.

Before Celebrity Skin took the stage, we were blessed with a short set by former Faith No More singer Chuck Mosley. His style has changed since the last time I saw him sing. He did an acoustic-solo set, including a few well known covers. I must admit, I liked him better before. He has toured with the band, replacing former manager Rob Graves, who passed away this last spring. I have said this before, and I will probably say this again, if these guys come through town again, you should definitely check them out. 

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