New Band Spotlight Road Frisbee

New Band Spotlight: Road Frisbee

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Well, it is about time these boys finally got their shit together! And get their shit together they did. On March 23, Road Frisbee made the best debut performance I have ever seen. They were tight and well rehearsed and the audience responded very well to their new sound.

 I first saw Road Frisbee play 18 months ago and, to be honest, I wasn’t all that impressed. Now the band consists of Rich Glaser—the original founding member (guitar) — Thom Barth (five-string bass), Jonathon Clark (drums), and John Morris, the frontman (vocals). The musical style is shifting and changing. One minute you will be banging your head and the next you will be swinging to a soft little samba. I would say they sound like Descendents meet The Jazz Butcher meet King Crimson.

Their music moves well. It is interesting and the musicianship is great. Road Frisbee show more promise than any other band to enter the Salt Lake music scene in the past few months. This is definitely an act you need to check out.

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