The crowd at the Ogden Music Festival.

Ogden Music Festival @ Fort Buenaventura 06.02

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The Ogden Music Festival was a three-day camping extravaganza at Fort Buenaventura that was filled with people enjoying the warm days and cool nights the weekend had to offer! Hanging around the beautiful lake with mountain views, travelers gathered to enjoy canoeing, slack-lining and even giant bubbles.

Wandering around the camp, I stumbled about a red drum bus, full of folks young and old beating on their instruments in a rhythmic collaboration. The festival goers enjoyed days of workshops on subjects like banjo playing and flat-pick guitar playing. The audience picked up slices of  pizza from Lucky Slice and washed it down with a local brew from Rooster’s Brewery. Many great bands played the Ogden Music Festival, and headliners included Shook Twins, Mavis Staples and Chris Jones & The Night Drivers. Lounging on chairs and blankets center stage, the festival had also provided an area to the right of the stage for dancing and moving. Proceeding behind the venue were the Van Sessions folks—a podcast of local jamming!  The vibe at the festival was wondrous, even for my short experience there.

All photos: Colton Marsala


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