Get It On Presents hosted another night at Burt’s Tiki Lounge on Friday, Jan. 10. Get It On Presents is a promotion company from New York City, ran by Lee Sobel. Lee is a former musician who used his contacts from years of touring to establish a promotion company set on hosting local bands at the various venues they work with. Unfortunately, in Salt Lake the only venue they work with is Burt’s, but it does not stop them from bringing in a lot of talented bands from across the valley. If you are interested in learning more about them you can find them online. If you are a band looking to get booked you can contact Emily Rock whose information is on the site.

Being booked the same night as the SLUG Monthly Localized Show did not stop many Salt Lake City music fans from coming out and supporting their bands. Burt’s is the perfect venue for small bands trying to make a name for themselves, with a friendly staff and a very laid-back attitude and demeanor. The openers The Paper Guns actually had to go on thirty minutes late, while they waited for the sound guy to show up. The atmosphere at Burt’s seems to always take the edge of these stressful situations and let you roll with the punches. By the time the sound guy showed up and the amps were cranked to 10, it did not matter how long it took to get it started, because every night at Burt’s is a great time. The Zero Summers are losing their lead guitarist and vocalist to Los Angeles next week and this was their second to last show, with their farewell show being this week. If you are a diehard Zero Summers fan, which there seem to be a lot of, though do not worry the band is not breaking up. They will continue to play together in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City in the coming months.

The stand out of the night was Gerade (pronounced guh-RAH-duh). They are a rock band from Spanish Fork and this was their Salt Lake City debut. There are three members in the band a drummer, bassist, and guitarist who is also the vocalist. These three boys rocked the house and brought the night to an energetic and powerful finish. Talking to Netty, the door lady and Burt’s Tiki Lounge mainstay really solidified my admiration for this band. She said being in the business it is hard to tell bands when they played a good show, because of the conflicts of interest that occur as an employee of a venue. Netty had no problem telling the guys that they played a great show tonight though. The vocalist had an amazing range, the bass was loud and sexy, and the drums nailed it all together.

The band played a mixture of covers and originals that melted together seamlessly. Many of the members of the other bands that preformed earlier in the evening were surprisingly rewarded and blown away by this little band from Spanish Fork who closed the night. I approached the guys after the show to get to know them a little more and was upset to learn that they do not have another show planned in the near future. Also, they play all their shows in Spanish Fork and were only invited by another band on the bill for the night to come play. If you want to find out more about this band you can find them on their Facebook page, or contact them directly at They are also on Soundcloud and Bandcamp and I highly recommend you find and listen to these guys. I know I will be pushing to see this band play another night in Salt Lake City and will be advertising their show just as soon as it books.