DIIV @ Metro Music Hall 06.14


Let’s talk about DIIV. It’s not like SLUG hasn’t been a bit stuck on the Brooklyn-based shoegaze band for a hot minute now, but their new album and new overall direction leaves a lot to talk about. Long-time fans of this group may be unfazed by the group’s new droning and distorted album, but Frog In Boiling Water adds a ton to the band’s stage presence, allowing them to be fully multidisciplinary in every facet of their art. DIIV’s set at Metro Music Hall really delivered on the revamped art direction of Frog In Boiling Water, with plenty of additional artistic embellishments to accompany their set. Their experimental set opened with political speeches spoken with AI voices and plenty of harsh, strobing lights. The back screen rolled through images of pure static, fake infomercials and the band’s trippy promotional site soul-net.co. Maintaining a healthy balance of classics and new tracks, DIIV was as cool and casual as ever. 

DIIV wasn’t the only show stopper on Friday night. Second opener SASAMI was incredible, putting on the definition of a one-woman show in the best way possible. Dressed in a pink lace floor-length dress with a big felt flower pinned to the center of her chest, SASAMI yelled out, “Any freaks in the crowd? I grew up in a cult, I have freaky energy.” It’s that crowd interaction that illustrates what SASAMI does best—stirring up a crowd all on her own and riding that wave with her haunting vocal performance and heavy, nü-metal-adjacent thrashing.

An unknown band to me, first opener Glixen also blew the doors down with a more traditional shoegaze sound, channeling a satisfying dose of ‘90s grunge along the way. The Phoenix-based band has only been around for three years, but they sound like they’ve been touring for decades. If you’re in need of a more low-down grimy band, check these guys out. 

SLUG Photographer Jess Gruneisen was there to snap plenty of incredible photos for y’all to look at: 

Photos by Jess Gruneisen

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