Atilast's self-titled album.

Local Review: Atilast – Atilast

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Street: 01.12.10

Atilast = Paramore + The Material

Atilast has their girl-fronted-copy-cat-anthemic-emo rock down. They know exactly how to follow the formula. Just listen to Paramore as much as possible and memorize exactly how they sing and play songs. Then write songs exactly like they do but make sure not to use the same notes and chord progressions because you will get sued and go to jail.

The thing that is best about being a copy-cat band is you can dress up like the band as much as possible and no one can call infringement on being fashionable, so at least Atilast has that going for them. You guys have a strong future in being a cover band. Rock that shit––your career awaits you. –Jon Robertson