adjacent to nothingAdjacent to Nothing

Street: 07.10
Adjacent to Nothing = Korn + Disturbed + Mudvayne + Chevelle

This is the first release from Orem’s Adjacent To Nothing. The album was produced by big-timer Sylvia Massy–Shivy, the woman responsible for many classic records such as Tool Undertow, Johnny Cash Unchained and the first System of a Down album. Massy-Shivy’s production style can be heard through out the album and brings out the emotion in ATN’s music. The boys in ATN are all about the new-metal. These guys have the style down cold. Had this album come out five years ago this band would have been huge. The music has all the necessary elements, creepy somber verses, chugging heavy choruses with anguished screams accompanied by soaring vocals. Everything you could want from new-metal. Vocalist Mike Shumway has all the tricks down, the variety of his vocal range is best heard on the third track “Your Share of Nothing.” This band has the potential to be amazing, if they let some different influences into their composing and mixed up the lyrical subject matter. All in all ATN’s first release is solid. –Jon Robertson

xur Mich!ganXur/ Mich!gan
By the Beard of Zeus

Exigent Records
Street: 07.10
Xur = Ocean + Lustmord + Isis
Mich!gan = Converge + Botch

By the Beard of Zeus is a split LP from the bands Xur and the no longer existing Mich!gan. The first three tracks are Xur’s the band is a big gnarly metal machine. The first track “Under Siege” begins with a looped trumpet sample and jumps directly into a sludged out detuned awesome nightmare, this song is definitely the best of the songs that Xur offer on the album. The next two songs are like the first, dirty sludge/stoner metal every once in awhile throwing in some acoustic guitar to break up the chaos. Xur’s music is the most original local music I have heard in a while and after talking to bassist Kory Quist at Oni Tattoo, they are getting a lot of attention from Metal Blade. These guys are going to be famous rock stars soon, so check them out now so you can brag about it. Mich!gan basically consists of the members of Xur plus the new drummer for The Used, Dan Whitesides. These three intense tracks are basically a speed up version of the first three Xur tracks with a lot more screaming. It’s cool to listen to these songs to see how the members of Xur have grown musically. By the Beard of Zeus is the way to go. –Jon Robertson


Street: 06.07
Loom = At The Drive In + Cursive

All five songs on this EP are solid. The coolest part about Loom is the violin that weaves in and out of the all the punchy and intricate guitar parts. The rhythm section is tight driving the songs into complex rhythmic territory. The song that best incorporates all the elements of Looomm’s sound is the second song “Hourglass”, starting off the with the familiar bounce found throughout the record and then breaking down into a jazzy smooth section towards the end. It would be nice to hear the band expand on these different sounding elements in their song structures to increase the mood and dynamics of their music to match their colorful yet dark artwork included in the EP. They only aspect that Loom lacks in originality and variety is their vocal melodies. With music this complex and crafty it would be nice to hear more diversity in the vocal department.

Various Artists - S.L.C. RulesVarious Artists
S.L.C. Rules

Street: 05.11
S.L.C Rules = No New York + Yes L.A. + Salt Lake Style

In 1978, Brian Eno released a compilation on Antilles Records titled, No New York. One of the most important documentations of the NYC no wave scene (including cuts from James Chance and the Contortions, Teenage Jesus & the Jerks and others), No New York inspired the West Coasters at Dangerhouse Records to release their own left-coast version of the underground compilation amply titled, Yes L.A. Released the following year as a parody and tribute to No New York, Yes L.A featured early tracks from influential West Coast punk bands like The Germs and X. An interesting aspect about this release is that the album artwork had no discernable track order. Unless you were really familiar with the bands, it was difficult to discern what track was from which band. Insert 2007, Utah’s Eli Morrison of 8ctopus Records compiles his own tribute to the unofficial record series with S.L.C. Rules, using orphaned tracks from his label’s roster. S.L.C. Rules’ packaging follows the precedent of Yes L.A. (except for the format; CD not vinyl), complete with the indiscernable track order. The compilation showcases some of SLC’s coolest bands: Subrosa, Vile Blue Shades, Wolfs, Corleones, Morlocks, Red Bennies and others. The compilation is limited to only 1,000 copies. The track from Le Force is my personal favorite.

Loiter Cognition, Red Top Wolverine Show and opening act The Alkaloids will be playing SLUG’s Localized at Urban Lounge Friday March 9th. This will be the craziest most intense show of all time so be there.

Loiter Cognition

Josh Faulkner: Guitar, Vocals
Cody Eden: Drums
Rion Buhler: Guitar, Vocals
Jake Hancey: Bass

Loiter Cognition have a very aggressive and violent sound but, upon meeting the members of the band for this interview their sound doesn’t fit the soft-spoken, relaxed personalities of each member.

Loiter Cognition have been together in one form or another since 2001. The band began when Josh and Rion joined forces in high school. In 2003 Jake left his band Scabies to join Loiter Cognition full-time. Cody joined in 2004 to solidify the line-up “I knew these guys in high school, I used to hate their band,” Cody said. “We started out as a punk ska band,” said Rion, and over the years their sound has morphed into the raw dynamic sound that they play now. Everyone in the band cites Sonic Youth and Black Sabbath as a major influence on their music, with the exception of Josh who hates Black Sabbath. I ask what each band member has recently been listening to and I got a wide variety of musical tastes including Guns n’ Roses, Motley Crüe, Merle Haggard, Man or Astro-man? and a variety of folk artists.

Loiter Cognition has released two E.P.’s and three full-length recordings. The band has recently begun writing and recording again at their practice space in Cody’s basement and hope to have their third E.P. finished by the beginning of the summer. “Usually Josh or I will come with the basic idea and structure of the songs.” Rion said. “Then Jake and Cody will add their ideas to the songs later.”

Loiter Cognition have done there fair amount of touring. Besides playing around the Salt Lake Valley, the band has also toured throughout the western part of the U.S. They are no strangers to SLUG’s Localized show, “We opened for Gaza and Michigan last March,” Rion said. Having previously witnessed a Loiter Cognition’s show, this band is truly one that needs to be experienced live. It is the best way to understand the intensity of their music.

Loiter Cognition, Red Top Wolverine Show and opening act The Alkaloids will be playing SLUG’s Localized at Urban Lounge Friday March 9th. This will be the craziest most intense show of all time so be there.

Red Top Wolverine Show

Bucket: Harmonica
Frisco: Broomstick
Jailbait: Drums
Brad McCarley: Vocals, Guitar, Den Mother
Stanley: Percussion, Buckets
James: Electric Bass

I met with Red Top Wolverine Show on a rainy Sunday afternoon. These guys are the most laid back easygoing group of people that I have ever met. I wasn’t sure what to believe out of all the stories that they were telling, tales of jail time and felony offenses, leaving band members behind at the venue after gigs, “Yeah we left Stanley, at the gig once he was busy trying to slay some dragon—we told him we were leaving,” said Jailbait. All of the members met through various friendships, family or former bands, except for one, whom they found trying to break into a band member’s car to steal his iPod.

RTWS has existed for almost two years. Their music is a collection of blues, funk and rock. RTWS have gigged as far as Logan and Jackson Hole.

“We have a goal to play every dive bar and club in the whole valley,” said Frisco. They also have plans to play a few shows in Moab, Las Vegas and to hopefully tour to the South Eastern part of the country “There’s some pretty cool blues bands down in Mississippi,” said McCarley.

The group says they have too many musical influences to name. I ask to get a quick overview and McCarley says “Any old Delta blues before 1945 and early punk rock like the Stooges” and everyone else brings their own influences from hip-hop to country to rock.

RTWS have one record and released one CD titled Sloppy Jalopy on the Rev.313 record label. One listen through Sloppy Jalopy and you can immediately hear all the influences the band members mentioned, especially a very strong emphasis on the Delta blues. The recording, which was done by McCarley in his basement studio, named “Mouth of Hell” (or as Bucket likes to call it “The bowels of hell”). Sloppy Jalopy is a dark dirty and powerful recording, it sounds nothing like anything you’ve heard from any local Utah band.

They also have plans to someday release their soon to be hit single “Jesus I’m Rollin With You,” a song about Jesus Christ’s crime fighting adventures.