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Here Until It’s Gone
Street: 03.11
Knifeshow = cool indie ambient rock
I was pleasantly surprised when I popped in Knifeshow’s blue sounding album Here Until It’s Gone. The first thing that caught my attention was Brent Anderson’s falsetto vocals. His voice sounds like a cross between Jeff Buckley and Muse front man Matthew Bellamy. Maybe those two are secretly his parents and he just doesn’t know yet. The instrumentation on the album is captivating especially on track five “Not Quite Cancer”. Knifeshow is haunting like if the band Elliott were to sneak into your room and watch you sleep. This album reminds me a lot of Radiohead’s The Bends but more depressing. Maybe if these guys stay together they can make a bunch of weird electronic concept albums like Radiohead then totally screw all the record labels and put their music out for free. Check these guys out if you’re down with listening to moody, dynamic and atmospheric music.