Local Review: Godstar Experience – Beware of the Eye

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Godstar Experience
Beware of the Eye

Aethyr Phone
Street: 04.20
Godstar Experience = My life with the Thrill Kill Kult + Satan + Sex

Ranging at all the different points between psychedelic rock to punchy industrial beats, Godstar Experience drowns each song with sinister acid-jams reminiscent of Thrill Kill Kult, but without the sexual overtones and ridiculous Satan stuff. This is the kind of evil that begs to be savored until the listener feels the infectious rot penetrating the part of your brain that triggers dancing. With fifteen tracks bookended with “Introducing.. Godstar!” and “End o The Earth,” Godstar Experience crafts each piece with catchy androgynous vocals and sometimes, discomforting noises. “Petro Alarma” perfectly captures the wonderful nature of this act with a synthy melody fit for the 80s but tweaked into a catchy yet twisted dance party. The collage style art on Beware the Eye is fitting for the music with cycloptic monsters, naked children with stars covering their nipples, snarling lions and probably something phallic. Influences from sci-fi, horror, Sid and Marty Kroft and hallucinogens are assumed, but whatever background these cats come from, I know they could have some visuals that make for a fantastically fucked-up live show.