Andrew Goldring

Forgotten Harvest EP


Street: 06.23

Andrew Goldring = my bloody valentine + Dinosaur Jr. + Desert Noises

A lot of this album has the casual buzz that was prominent in the early ’90s, though Goldring uses it wisely, favoring more refined production and carefully composed layers instead of the loud, experimental noise you might find in earlier alternative acts (looking at you, Sonic Youth). “Saying Goodbye” kicks it all off slowly with a huge echoing rhythm section and dazzling electric guitars, before Goldring’s velvety vocals round out the sonic experience.

Things get a little rougher with “Rolling Tree,” where the more pointed vocals lay atop a muddy atmosphere of noise. Goldring shows a softer side on “Catherine” and “Whale,” the latter of which gives us some emotive falsetto moans almost reminiscent of Jón Þór Birgisson from Sigur Rós. Forgotten Harvest is raw in the right places and really illustrates Goldring’s range and expertise at crafting intelligent noise—I can’t wait for a full-length. –CJ Morgan