Charles Ellsworth & Vincent Draper
Salt Lake City: A Love Story
Wandering Man
Street: 02.07
Charles Ellsworth & Vincent Draper = Civil Wars + The Head and the Heart + The Avett Brothers
These two like-minded folk singer/songwriters have been helping each other with music projects for a while now, so a split record seems quite in order. Ellsworth and Draper might as well change their names to honest and earnest, because one of the many traits these two have in common is that their songs are truthful and organic. Ellsworth seems to keep things a bit brighter on his tracks and flows with a certain wanderlust and warmth. Draper is pretty similar to Ellsworth, however, Draper’s voice comes across darker and more menacing than I think he intends. It works exceptionally well on “Danger and Blush,” which is as compelling as it is somber. This record’s production is clean and gives each song a large scope without getting in the way. With talents as deep as these playing around Salt Lake, we will have to watch closely as this live story unfolds further. –James Orme