Slippery Slopes
Exigent Records
Street: 11.06.12
Harmon’s Heart = Grizzly Bear + Porcupine Tree
Jarom Bischoff, owner of Salt Lake’s hardcore label Exigent Records, has decided to play the part of songwriter. His solid acoustic guitar work and vocals are the centerpiece of the album, and there is plenty of instrumental variance to keep you on your toes. A few other local musicians provide backup with violin, banjo, organ and electronic beats. The instrumental additions do a good job of adding depth and uniqueness to what could otherwise be dismissed as a typical proggy singer/songwriter sound. The album ends on a high note with “In Between,” a catchy head-bobber that encapsulates the creativity of the album in one track. The album is worth a listen for anyone who pays attention to Exigent or is willing to unplug from the local hardcore scene for a few songs.