Utah. Jazz.
No Ledge Records
Street: 11.10.12
Utah. Jazz. = Grieves + Common Market + Typical Cats
Utah hip hop just keeps getting better. I mean it. I know many of these kids have been around for a minute, but they’re hitting their strides. Utah. Jazz. is just that—full of dusky, distant piano samples over bass-heavy boom bap. Much of the mood is contemplative and relaxed, but it never feels lazy. Full of expressive scratches and diced-up movie quotes, the pace is well controlled and tight. That, and the very personal lyrics, contribute an overall feeling of listening to an older soul record. The collaboration with Phil Maggio and Lovsik is a high point, while solid songs like “My Style” and “Make History” comprise most of the full-length piece. Both of the main performers should be respected for a killer release. Support this community, people.