Street: 08.14.12
MiNX = Karmin + Blondie
The chameleon-like duo of Ischa Bee and Raffi Shahinian are definitely trying to make an impression on our local music scene. With a staggering 45 free tracks available to download from their website (minxband.com), they are certainly one of the most prolific. There is a sense of fun that runs through most of these tracks: a heavy emphasis on hip hop lite, mostly with emcee Ischa free-styling her vocals, like on “Old Skool,” “The Party” or “Les Peche.”  However, their music is actually more interesting when she sings, like on the optimistic “Beautiful Day” and “Rain, Rain.”  Equally impressive are the talents of Shahinian, and his skills give the music an eclectic sheen not usually found on local albums. Much like its title, there is a vast blending of styles, and hopefully the duo can reign in some of the energy and focus on their obvious strengths