Album art for See You Later is a vivid illustration of a woman in bright pink sticking her tongue out, displaying a scrap of paper that says "#1."

Local Review: Number One Babe Team – See You Later

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Number One Babe Team
See You Later

Salt Babe
Street: 06.09
Number One Babe Team = Lizzy McAlpine + Briston Maroney 

Local indie-pop trio Number One Babe Team released their debut album See You Later earlier this month, and it’s great. It’s sad and nostalgic for the past while remaining hopeful for the future—the kind of album where you need to sit alone with your thoughts for a day or two to really soak in the emotions and sound. 

See You Later is a light pop, melodic record; it’s soft and slow with lyrics ranging from heartbroken to nostalgic. It’s the kind of music you might discover from the soundtrack of a heartwarming coming-of-age film that you’d remember forever.

 “Some Time,” “Fever American Dream” and “Even If I’m Far” are my favorite tracks. Opener “Some Time” is a short, slow song about facing your inner truth and how you can’t hide it. It sets the tone for the record: honest and a bit mystical. 

“Fever American Dream” is upbeat in sound and sarcastic in lyrics, poking fun at American culture. It’s also the most indie rock song on the album. “Get what you want, not what you need / A shrine all to yourself / We keep pretending everything’s okay,” they sing ironically. 

“Even If I’m Far” is a love song about a breakup where you still love the other person, regardless of distance. It’s about being hopeful for a future where you’re back together in each other’s arms, full of love and care. It’s another track that isn’t quite so slow—it’s also more indie rock than most of the album, with a loud, prominent guitar sound.

See You Later is not a record to pass by—it’s perfect for the start of the summer, as you ease your way into the season with soft sounds and songs that make you think. –Cherri Cheetah

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