Omeed the Nag
Street: 08.17.12
Omeed the Nag = Swollen Members + Atmosphere + Brother Ali
Omeed the Nag has collaborated with a number of local hip hop artists, including Pat Maine , Malevolent MC and Burnell Washburn to release Status . The beats are heavily sample-based, and most are rather repetitive. “Thinker” features a nice keyboard synth, but the same four-beat measure is repeated throughout the entire song. “Still Leaving” has a real nice flow to it, along with some scratches in the background that give it that golden boom bap feel. Omeed’s rhyme schemes and lyrical flow are sub-par. Washburn’s part in “The Dopeness” and Pat Maine’s part in “Help” are, by far, the best parts of this album. Omeed has a nice Aesop Rock sort of gritty feel to his voice, but he does this half-rap-half-sing-song thing that sounds silly. Status isn’t a bad album, but it sounds no different and no better than the same cookie-cutter hip hop that we’re all so tired of. – Chris Proctor