Reaper the Storyteller
Street: 05.11
Reaper the Storyteller = Outkast + The Roots + 2pac
The mantra that Reaper the Storyteller imposes on himself is no lie. His subject matter is the stuff of true substance. Oftentimes, hip hop focuses on inflating the ego, smoking dank weed and fucking mad bitches. The Reaper would rather delve deep into the conflicted and troubled mind. While Trilogy is no party, there are plenty of tracks that get your head nodding. “Try” is one of those tracks. It has the same bluesy feel of Dr. Dre’s “No Diggity,” and the melody in the chorus will make you want to put the track on repeat. The Reaper employs live instruments on his recordings and does it well. The thing that gives this album away as great music is the fact that the beats could stand alone as great blues, funk and jazz. –Chris Proctor