Taylor Fang
Or Die
Street: 02.17
Taylor Fang = MF Doom + an Atari cartridge
The five-song album by local producer Nick Bentz is reminiscent of childhood Saturday mornings spent playing Super Nintendo with a bowl of milk and cereal. This theme works well for the album, as you are immediately transported back to a land of corded game controls and pixel-saturated worlds, filthy with Italian plumbers. With the sound samples that Bentz uses, the songs individually accomplish more than the album does as a whole. I would be far more likely to add a few tracks to a playlist I am compiling than play the album in its entirety in the future. Not to say the mixing or mastering is poor, just that too much of a good thing will always be overwhelming, especially when each of the five songs use the same 8-bit-inspired Mario background sound cartridge over and over. I say definitely download it and find out for yourself at taylorfang.bandcamp.com. –Joshua Allam