Author: Joshua Allam

Kaptain jacK
The Hippest of the Hop
Street: 04.18
Kaptain jacK = Eminem + Pandora
I don’t think I have ever heard a Warren Zevon sample on a hip-hop album before, but like David Kessler in An American Werewolf in London, Kaptain jacK’s debut is a bloodlust furball roaming the eerie, fog-covered streets. This canine-biped, carrying around Chinese food in the rain, also embodies the wildly random and seriously vast number of samples, melting together seamlessly in this Murray, Utah, emcee’s album. With a huge range of samples throughout the entire album changing drastically from song to song, one won’t get bored of this tossed salad of hip-hop sampling. The one consistent motif for the whole album is jacK’s tight lyrics and smooth flow. Cop a digital file. –Joshua Allam
September Girls

Cursing The Sea

Fortuna Pop

Street: 01.06

September Girls = The Shirelles + a synthesizer

This full-length debut album is a DIY-style reverb mash-up of ’60s girl groups and ’80s New Wave, and comes from Dublin noise pop group September Girls. With a slew of releases in the last two years, including six singles, The Bangles–inspired, all-girl band recently got signed to Fortuna Pop (specializing in the dreamscape reverb stylings of this Irish band) September Girls use rich vocal harmonies with guitar interplay and loud drums to record an honest sound that can be reproduced live. The album is a stark contrast to my beloved Dead Boys and the like, but when my whiskey-soaked liver just needs a break, this band is a great way to lull your poor decisions to Neverland. –Joshua Allam
Taylor Fang
Or Die
Street: 02.17
Taylor Fang = MF Doom + an Atari cartridge
The five-song album by local producer Nick Bentz is reminiscent of childhood Saturday mornings spent playing Super Nintendo with a bowl of milk and cereal. This theme works well for the album, as you are immediately transported back to a land of corded game controls and pixel-saturated worlds, filthy with Italian plumbers. With the sound samples that Bentz uses, the songs individually accomplish more than the album does as a whole. I would be far more likely to add a few tracks to a playlist I am compiling than play the album in its entirety in the future. Not to say the mixing or mastering is poor, just that too much of a good thing will always be overwhelming, especially when each of the five songs use the same 8-bit-inspired Mario background sound cartridge over and over. I say definitely download it and find out for yourself at –Joshua Allam