6 Songs
Street: 11.05.12
The Hung Ups = Guttermouth + The Vandals + One Man Army
I love everything about punk rock—the anger, the energy, all of it. I hope that three-piece bands like The Hung Ups are always around. The songs on this EP are so immediate and easy to get into. I can’t say that there’s any groundbreaking strokes going on here, but punk rock has never been about that—it’s about stripping everything away until you have something that’s purely yours. The Hung Ups reach the part of me that always wanted to be in a punk band myself, and that band probably would’ve been a shitty version of this. My favorite track on this EP is “Dante Hicks,” an ode to the lethargic main character in the first Kevin Smith film, Clerks. The whole record moves fast, and although there’s not much deviation between tracks, each gritty pop-punk tune is enjoyable. Catch these boys at one of their many shows around Salt Lake—it’s sure to be a good time.