Local Reviews: All Systems Fail/ Sarcasmo

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All Systems Fail/ Sarcasmo
Split 7″
Jornalero Distro
Street: 2.10. 2008
All Systems Fail/Sarcasmo = Nausea + Discharge
This 7″ was two years in the making and unfortunately for fans of either band, the sound quality just doesn’t do them justice. Sarcasmo hails from Mexico and their four-song side of the 7″ features angry punk rock reminiscent of the 80s. Although the sound quality is a bit tinny, I get the feeling that they would be amazing to see in a tiny basement venue like Red Light. The All Systems Fail side features three songs recorded by Andy Patterson during their recording session of their first 7″. “Shadows of Repression” and “Presos Politicos” are the band’s stand out tracks. Only 600 copies were pressed so make sure to snag one before they are sold out.