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All Systems Fail
Self Titled
Alerta AntiFacista
Street: 08.15.06
All Systems Fail = Filth + Extinction of Mankind + Oi Polio
All Systems Fail is one of the best local punk bands in Utah. They’re also one of the most underappreciated punk bands in Utah. If you’re unfamiliar with this band it’s time to get acquainted. They play political punk rock in the style of Conflict and Crass. Lead singer, Jorge Arellano, has a satanic sounding growl that’d you’d never guess would come out of such a polite and soft-spoken individual. The band rips shit up whether they’re playing for a large crowd, or to a gathering of about twenty disinterested kids in a basement. I’ve seen them live numerous times, and this self-titled LP really captures their energy and sound in ways that many bands in the genre simply can’t. The siren like guitars and rapid-fire machine-gun-style drumming come through crystal clear, and the vocals do too. My favorite tracks were “Four More Years” and “Bully Boys”.