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American Hollow
Whisper Campaign

Street: 05.14

American Hollow = Pelican + Tool + Breaking Benjamin

I have to give American Hollow a lot of credit for their ambition. I love the fact that they have done their best to make an album that attempts to flow together seamlessly and the structures in the songs are actually some of the more creative and progressive around the local Utah scene. However, the band could still use a bit more developing. The tones of the guitar, bass, keyboards and drums are a bit bland and the vocals, while full of talent, could stand to be turned down quite a bit in the mix. It’s hard for me to be critical of this album because I am a sucker for progressive alternative metal and I think American Hollow is definitely on the right path—I just wish they would have put more effort into the recording process. You guys are breaking my heart. I think I’m gonna cry. – Jon Robertson