Thanks For The Burgers
Street: 08.08
Atheist = Common Market + Skee-Lo + Mickey Avalon
I was blown away by this release, straight up. It has everything I love in a hip hop record: rich and dusty beats from classic source material, tight verses by the main emcee and more than a few collaborations. Produced by the illustrious likes of Fisch Loops, Wes Thompson, Yung Rip, Mike Booth and more, the album references old Star Trek, Ninja Turtles and classic vinyl, all while holding a cohesive sound that perfectly complements Atheist’s tight, slightly nasal flow. Speaking of which, this California transplant manages to remain the highlight of every song, even with the long list of collaborators. Whether it’s the quick and ultra-dense “That Sample” or the back-in-the-day vibe of “Mikey Was the Best” (my favorite song on the album), Atheist’s lyrics are tight, heavily referential and a blast to listen to—his history as a battle rapper is clear. Other highlights include the guest appearances by Yze, Diggabeatz and Show Me Island’s Lauren Hoyt as well the emcee-laden “Sleazy,” which sounds like the dirtiest school-yard rap cipher ever. This local album will probably make my Top 5 for the year, and it’s available for free download at Don’t miss it! [The Shred Shed: 11.16]