B Myself and I
Green Light Records
Street: 08.06
B-Side = Snoop Dogg + Dr. Dre + Usher
This debut album from B-Side (Bryant Masina) is well produced and his concepts sound fully formed. His cadence flows nicely over the beats, which are just as much R&B and reggae as they are hip hop. The synth lead on the track “Wassup Uce” reminds me of something off The Chronic. “Cleaning Out the Lake” is an ego-infused hip hop anthem, writing off weed raps, talentless emcees and, ironically, haters—particularly in Utah’s hip hop scene. B-Side’s subject matter is struggle-oriented, detailing the experience of a Polynesian transplant in Salt Lake, but it is ultimately an optimistic memoir of his experiences. B Myself and I may not sound entirely original—the West Coast gangster rap production style is obvious—but it has good variety and great rapping. If nothing else, it’s a testament to the talent that resides in Salt Lake City.